Raw footage is all of the footage that is captured on the day. The footage is all cut together for a simple playback on the USB.

Yes, I tend to always shoot by myself. Unless there is special need for having two videographers like capturing extra audio or timeline/location issues, then it will just be me.

Yes. A $500 deposit is required on booking to secure your date.

Lighting, lighting is key. If you have a naturally lit room, this is the one I will want to film in and so will the photographer. This is where I would like to shoot things like the dress/suits hanging up and getting ready shots.

Generally, if there is no light and bright rooms, we can use an outdoor space etc.

Yes, please contact me. If you would like a chance to meet with me and have me go through all of the details with you prior to the wedding I would be more than happy to. However, if you would like to go straight ahead and book, I will arrange a time to meet well before the wedding.

I don’t, but I am glad you asked because I am more than happy to refer you to a great network of photographers that I work closely with.

Generally, no, we won’t require putting intrusive lights everywhere to capture the day. It helps to create a more genuine image of the day if we use natural light and the light provided at the venue. If extremely dark can light areas up somewhat.

If within Victoria, no. Outside of Victoria however, yes but minimal as possible to keep price down. Please contact us for a quote regarding your destination wedding.

Please contact us for a quote regarding your destination wedding.

I don’t tend to offer this as a package because, to get the required footage to create the highlight film and get a good capture of the day 6 hours will generally not be enough time.

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